Marshland Toggenburgs

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For Sale

For Sale

From time to time we have animals for sale.  Our does make good transitions into commercial dairies as they have not been under micromanagement.  We do support youth & 4-H project animals, ask us for information.

We have now decreased our herd size, but we still cull on personality, as I don't tolerate it when I deal with them twice a day every day! (As my cousin says, "Look at me wrong and you are down the driveway.)

Bucks start at $350 and go up. We will only keep a few bucks back if not reserved ahead of  time.  Doe kids start at $300 and go up.  We only keep 4-8 replacement does back each year.  Our goal is to keep 2-3 in each age class by the time they are two year olds. So, older does are available in the spring. 

2018 kids:  Sorry no deposits will be taken as I want to evaluate the Jukebox kids before letting any leave the farm.

  • 2013 ADGA National Show
1st place Sr. Yearling
    2013 ADGA National Show 1st place Sr. Yearling
  • 10 goats at Iowa State Fair
    10 goats at Iowa State Fair
2013 ADGA National Show
1st place Sr. Yearling
2013 ADGA National Show 1st place Sr. Yearling

Currently available - December 7, 2017

Marshland MSG Dear John

Born: Feb 17, 2016

S: Marshland Fenix Starfall  LA: 3-05 89 VEE 

(dam: SGCH M. OOHP Starfish LA: 5-02 91 VEEE)

D: GCH Marshland MSG Distinctive LA: 5-03 91 EEEE  (pictured)

(dam: SGCH Dee  LA: 6-03 91 EEEE)

No picture yet of John. He is for sale picked up at the farm for $450.  We have two CAE negative tests on him from December 2016 & December 2017. Distinctive (Dmilk) milked 11.5 pounds at 32 days fresh. 

Semen Available  - PB (Purebred)     AM (American)
 Delivery to 2017 National Show is possible.
  PB       SG Sunshine Seign Sedric                A1085273      Pedigree   $75/straw
  PB Marshland TW Dead Goat Walking      L1224133  Pedigree    10+ straws
 (Tumbleweed son)
PB       Le Chevrier RMN Roc                     A0733112         Pedigree 
  PB SG One*Oak*Hill U.P. Mickey Finn       L934151  Pedigree    10+ straws
PB       Lady K-WRC Playboy                    A1191116          Pedigree 
PB Singing -Spruce AMPS Profit (Purebred)  S1175222  Pedigree 
PB        Sanstorms Mr. Butterworth            A0721850         Pedigree
AM  SG Companeros Jude AS1256586  Pedigree  
 - Six Champion Daughters 
PB       Tempo Early Release                   A1159977         Pedigree
PB   SG One*Oak*Hill Sausy Phellow   T1102649     Pedigree
PB   Marshland Regal/J Darkstar          T1178675     Pedigree  
littermate to Starbuck
PB    Marshland PP Jumanji                  T1007488  Pedigree