Marshland Toggenburgs

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GCH Does

SGCH Marshland Phamily Inheritance   2*M 
LA: 4-02 89 VEVE (2013)
      5-04 90 VEEE (2014)
      7-03 91 EEEE (2016)

  • 2015
  • 2012 as 3 year old
    2012 as 3 year old
  • 2012- WI State Fair with full sister Agent
    2012- WI State Fair with full sister Agent
  • 2011 as 1st freshening 2 year old
    2011 as 1st freshening 2 year old
  • Sire: Punto
    Sire: Punto
  • Dam: Penny
    Dam: Penny
  • Daughter: Betty
    Daughter: Betty

      SS:  GCH Lassenwood Goran Reposado LA: 5-05 91 VEE
S: GCH One*Oak*Hill R Mr Punto LA: 3-05 90 VEE (2013 ADGA Natl Show Premier Sire)
      SD: CH One*Oak*Hill Master Point  LA: 5-04 91 EEEE

      DS: +*B SGCH Marshland Sausalito Boulevard LA: 5-05 88 VVE
D: Marshland MSB Phind a Penny *M LA: 4-04 88 EVVV
        DD: Marshland Dark Phortune

DHI:   5-10 275 2480 3.2 80 2.8 70 78 40
6-10 300 2640 2.9 76 2.8 75 90 40

August 2010:  GCH Iowa State Fair over 30+ Toggenburgs. Has dry Leg.
September 2011: 1 x GCH 1x BUOB 1x RCH (4 out of the last 5 times shown she was first place udder in class. 2 shows in SD, 1 in MN and 2 in WI)

2011:  Harriet has now taken on the personality of her mother Penny, since she left the herd earlier this spring.  Harriet is first to the milk stand or if there is someone new in the barn you will have to chase after her!   She was Best Udder in the two year old class in both rings at the Sioux Empire Fair.  

2012:  We dried Harriet up on April 15th.  Kidded in May and finished her championship in June going BOB!  At the Wisconsin State Fair- 1st place three year old with first place udder.

2013:  Although, she is uneven this year, she is still milking like a trooper! She earned her star on a one day milk test by milking 13.7 pounds!!!  5th place Produce of Dam at National Show with her  full sister Phoreign Market.  

2014:  Back to near even, freshened with triplets and ready for the showring. 5th place at the ADGA National Show 5/6 year old class.

2015: Single Buck kid - sold to Caitlin in California
2016: Single Buck kid
2017:  Twin Bucks our of Marshland Fenix Starfall   (I bred her specifically for hopes of a doe kid for me.  Shown 3 times at the Little Falls show going Best of Breed in all three rings.  Being 8 years, she will be attending the ADGA national show.  Her first two tests of the year were 12.5, and 13.2.  We have a four year old daughter in our herd.
2018: Twins out of Jukebox. (1B/1D)

GCH Marshland MTJ Star Mississippi 5*M
Purebred (DNA typed)
LA: 3-02 88 VVEE (2013)
      4-04 88 VVVV (2014)
      6-03 90 VEEE (2016) 

  • Kansas 2016 Best in Show
    Kansas 2016 Best in Show
  • Sept 2015
    Sept 2015
  • Missi & maternal sister GCH Legacy Star
    Missi & maternal sister GCH Legacy Star
  • 2014 West Salem (center)
    2014 West Salem (center)
  • 2012 as a first freshener
    2012 as a first freshener
Kansas 2016 Best in Show
Kansas 2016 Best in Show

   SS: ++B GCH Lassenwood Sausalito Tecumseh LA: 3-04 89 VEE
S: Marshland Tec Just Jermane 
     SD: Marshland PQ Just A Jem 6*M  LA: 2-04 89 VEEV  
     DS: +*B SG One *Oak*Hill Sausy Phellow LA: 6-03 88 VVE
D: SGCH Marshland PH Mystery Star 4*M LA:  07-03 90 VEEE       
     DD: SGCH Marshland KK Starburst 3*M LA: 6-05 92 EEEE 

Mississippi is a barn favorite for her sweet personality like her dam,  Mystery. 

She was first place dry yearling at the 2011 MN State Fair.  She is shorter in stature, but we hope her correctness will keep her near the top of the class.  We will give her time to mature as this genetic line is known to be slow but long lived. 

2013: 6th place 3 year old ADGA National Show; part of 2nd place Produce of Dam (w/ Legacy Star)

2014: 1 x RCH, 1 x GCH (leg2) - 11th place 4 year old at ADGA National Show
2015: 2 x GCH (leg 3) 1x RCH
2016: 4 x BOB & 2 BDIS
Best Sr. Doe in Show - Washington County Fair, Lake Elmo, MN & Kansas State Fair

2017: No kids available
2018: While fearing Missi would be in total retirement, she freshens in February and has triplets by Jukebox.  She is back milking like in 2016 and ready to see the showring.

GCH Marshland MSG Distinctive 4*M
LA:  2-02 86 VE+V (FF) (2013)
       3-04 88 VVVV (2014)
       5-03 91 EEEE (2016)

  • April 2017
    April 2017
  • Dam - Dee
    Dam - Dee
  • Paternal Granddam - Mystery Star
    Paternal Granddam - Mystery Star

    SS: Marshland TEC Just Jermane

S: Marshland MTJ 4-Star General

   SD: SGCH Marshland PH Mystery Star 4*M LA: 4-04 91 EEEE

    DS: Marshland Jag Pharquaad   LA: 5-06 89 VEE

D: SGCH Marshland Wosje Dee 3*M  LA: 6-03 91 EEEE

   DD: SG Marshland PH Didja 2*M LA: 5-07 89 VEEV 

Best junior doe in show at Northern WI Fair in 2012.

The larger and more productive of the two sisters.  We call her "D-Milk" as she has held her production throughout the summer.  D-Milk and her sister D'Chain do not like to go to dry yearlings we had to put them in a pen with a lid as they were terrified of everything. Although, better now, they really enjoy staying home.

2014: West Salem: Shown only 1 x2nd to herdmate Market.

         Mora: 1x GCH (leg 2), 1x2nd to herdmate Missi

        Rice County : 1 x GCH (leg 3)

2015: 2nd place, 1st place udder at MN State Fair

2016: Twin bucks out of Marshland Fenix Starfall

2017: Twin bucks out of Marshland Fenix Starfall

GCH Marshland LMR Miss*Bethany 6*M
LA: 1-02 V +V+
      3-01 83 +V++

 SS: +*B Poplar-Hill Rhapper Magical

S: Legendairy Magical Rhoyal

     SD: GCH Legendairy Dandie Rhue

     DS: Marshland Tec Just Jermane

D: CH Marshland MTJ Star Mississippi

     DD: SGCH Marshland PH Mystery Star

Miss Bethany is a late born 2013 kid. 

2014: 1 x GCH (has dry leg)  3rd place Jr. Yearling at National Show  

She was able to complete her championship at an early show before she had to move up an age class.  We have two daughters out of Nimrodel Sausalito from 2016.  

2017- Doe kid from Marshland Jag's Pharquaad (retained).  This girl has decided to prove herself in the milk room.  She is the smallest framed doe in the barn and has two milk tests of 14.0, and 15.0.