Marshland Toggenburgs

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Senior Does

Marshland Rhoyal Starlet 5*M
LA: 2-03 85 VVVV (FF) 2014
      4-02 90 VEEE 2016

     SS: +*B Poplar-Hill Rhapper Magical 

S:*B  Legendairy Magical Rhoyal

     SD: GCH Legendairy Dandie Rhue

    DS: +*B SG One *Oak*Hill Sausy Phellow LA: 6-03 88 VVE
D: SGCH Marshland PH Mystery Star 4*M LA:  07-03 90 VEEE       
    DD: SGCH Marshland KK Starburst 3*M LA: 6-05 92 EEEE 

2013: 3rd place ADGA National Show Jr. Yearling Class 

Freshened 2 buck kids in May 2014

Has two CH legs.

Starlet was never very tall, but Roy kept her as she was extremely wide in the rear.  As a maternal sister to Mississippi and Legacy, we understand that she will be slow to mature.  We would like to improve her shoulders, as she is very open at the top.

2017: No kids available.

2018:  Single buck from Jukebox

Marshland Bet the Phamily Farm 3*M
LA: 1-04 V  VVV (2014)
      3-03 88 VEVV (2016)

     SS: +*B Poplar-Hill Rhapper Magical

S: Legendairy Magical Rhoyal

     SD: GCH Legendairy Dandie Rhue

     DS: GCH +B One*Oak*Hill R Mr Punto

D: GCH Marshland Phamily Inheritance 2*M

     DD: Marshland MSB Phind A Penny *M

April 2013

Betty was 2nd place junior kid at the 2013 ADGA National Show. 

Freshened May 2015- daughter has dry leg at first show.

2nd place two year old at MN State Fair

2016:  Earned one milking leg

2017: 1 buck, 1 doe (retained) 

1 x RCH Little Falls Show

First two milk tests of the year 10.8, 11.4

Marshland Def Reality Star
LA: 2-05 89 EEVV (ff)

     SS: SGCH  +*B Laughing Stock SCC Julius

S: Marshland LSJ Defcon

     DS: CH Marshland OHP Definitely the 1

     DS:*B  Legendairy Magical Rhoyal

D: Marshland LMR Star Watch

     DD: SGCH Marshland KK Starburst 3*M

Feb 2014

2014: 1 x GCH (Dry Leg)

2015: 1xGCH, 1 x 3rd, MN State Fair - 3rd place dry yearling

Flopsie as she is currently called was found cold by the hay feeder minutes after she was born during the harsh 2013-2014 winter.  She has yet to loose the ear, but definitely has damage.  We admire her length of body and openness in her ribs to make her one of our keeper kids in 2014. 

2017:  It has been an up and down year for Flopsie.  She became really sick in early May, but we are trying to get her back to showring condition and was milking 8.2# by the end of May.  We retained her 2017 doe kid (Silly).

2018:  We are retaining her single doe kid from Jukebox.

Marshland MSF Deal Me In 1*M

LA: 2-05 86 VEV+ (ff) 2016

   SS: SG Whisper'N'Pines MDKP Fenix

S: Marshland Fenix Starfall

     SD: SGCH Marshland OOHP Starfish

     DS: Marshland MTJ 4-Star General

D: Marshland MSG Deliberate

     DD: SGCH Marshland Wosje Dee 3*M 

Feb 2014

2014: 1 time shown  - Best Junior Doe in Show at the  TriState Classic Show - Ring 3

2015: 2 times shown - 1x RCH, 1x GCH, Best in Show at the Little Falls Show,  GCH @ MN State Fair

This kid was marked for the keep pen in early March.  We didn't know she had such tremendous width throughout and extreme height to the escutcheon until we clipped her the morning of the show.  She was a last minute add-on and we were sure glad we did!

2015-Still a favorite, pulled for the first show of the season since we were unable to show her at the end of the season the year prior.  With a summer of maturing we think she will be ready for the competitive MN State Fair Dry Yearling class!

2016- Freshening with buck & doe from Royal Cedars Big Bang.  

2017- single buck- Deal is a farm favorite with her sweet personality that reminds us so much of her 5x grandmother (who can be found in her pedigree in five different places.)  Still needing time to mature, we are happy to have her in the showstring.

Marshland LRR What A Delight

LA: 2-05 85 VVV+ (ff) 2016

    SS: *B Sunshine Burta Burgeon

S: Legendairy Rhone's Rhazor

     SD: CH Legendairy Starbuck Rhone

     DS: Marshland MTJ 4-Star General

D: GCH Marshland MSG Distinctive 

     DD: SGCH Marshland Wosje Dee 3*M 

An extremely dairy doe.

2016- Freshened with twin does from Marshland Fenix Starfall.